10 Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail – Especially At Holidays

Happy couple drinking hot tea.The festive holiday period is portrayed as a time of loving families and relationships – of giving and sharing, but it seems that the Christmas period is also most busy time for looking for relational breakups and looking for another romance.

According to, over recent years hits to their site are at a peak on December 25th.

Perhaps it’s the holiday time stress, or all those office parties that is the springboard for succumbing to temptation.

To find out what was going on, the progressive dating site, filtered on a big portion of their membership and came up with the 10 top reasons to explain this seasonal anomaly with romance and relationships.

So the number 1 reason relationships to end and love tokens to be returned was…
Ready for revenge! Rear view of young women holding a knife whil1. Cheating & Unfaithfulness. Dastardly and unforgivable – or is it?

It was found recently that 54% of people surveyed said that cheating is justifiable under certain circumstances.

The survey by USA Network with the premiere of its new show Satisfaction teamed up with New York magazine to ask 411 New Yorkers about their relationships.

82% said they would have no tolerance if someone cheated on them, but 81% admitted that they would cheat if they knew there would be no consequences to their actions.

Is that surprising? – I’m not sure and there isn’t data that tells us if this has changed over the years.

young upset couple in bed
2. Unfulfilling sex.

Whether it was uninteresting sex or maybe one partner got bored with the same old form and action, interest in the bedroom was number 2.
Before you give up though try these 7 Ways to Put The Spice Back Into Sex.

woman talking to her phone3. Jealousy.

Too much jealousy especially when it becomes controlling should be taken seriously. Interests may have departed wildly from the partners which may have brought about contact with a new crowd. Or maybe it’s a case of getting a little too attached to social media accounts. It’s always best to find out early on why the other half is acting like a kid before it gets to stalking and checking the credit card receipts.

Stressed couple fighting over the family budget, spending4. Finances.

Couples getting frustrated over their finances is as old as marriage itself. Having an argument over money is better than having none and it’s better than never discussing the topic. Know each other’s credit, earnings, and debts.

Pcouplehappy-25. Family differences.

It may well be that the person someone first knew, laughing at the same things and liking the same movies are different and some odd skeletal remains are found in the closet. Compatible values are important in a burgeoning relationship – find out early.

men enjoying his meal while watching tv6. Weight gain.

As he settles into a comfortable life with the healthy fit you he slides into the couch with a beer and a huge bag of potato chips. Maybe you can’t force him down the gym every night but perhaps suggesting some joint goals together would help. Sometimes the weight just grows imperceptibly.
Man sitting on a money pile while woman is doing chores7. Laziness.

Who wants a lazy partner? Sure we all want some relaxing moments, but if now and again becomes all the time, it’s worth pondering on the fact that people won’t normally change a great deal.
Pclingy-28. Too clingy.

There needs to be boundaries set early although it can be hard if someone is naturally that way inclined but he must learn that it’s never a comfortable feeling – being clung.

wake up 49. Cleanliness.

Unless your partner is OCD there would be no complaints regarding cleanliness. But if he’s too messy, tell him that tidiness and orderliness can make you instantly happy and content.

It's Your Fault10. Frugality.

Well I’m sure this is a euphemism for cheap and cheap ain’t good. However if money is a problem don’t worry and work things out together. Cheap is bad though.

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