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Raising the Barre – Not Just For Ballet

Barre ClassBarre… A different kind of happy hour. You may have been afraid to tap your toe into this fitness trend, but don’t be intimidated by the tutu. Barre isn’t just ballet, it’s fused with Pilates and yoga for a total body workout.

Barre Class might be for you if…

You’re not really a runner or fasten a jazz belt for step aerobics. In fact, you prefer no impact what so ever. You want to exit class sweaty, panting, and fully trained from eyeballs to toenails. If you’ve always wanted a dancer’s body, sign up for Barre. It’s a hyperactive ballet barre routine that requires no previous dance technique. The exercises lengthen and tone while burning fat and working the joints gingerly.

What to expect…

The class warms up before increasing intensity with absolutely zero impact. Most exercises target a specific muscle group with a tiny movement. The added challenge is to maintain body placement while working the targeted muscle. You’ll stay the barre for legs, glutes, and a light cardio portion, using your own body weight. Some exercises utilize a playground ball while others step away from the barre to incorporate light weights for upper body sculpting. The class typically ends on the floor with Pilates inspired abs, inner and outer thighs, before finishing with a much-deserved stretch.

Don’t be intimidated…

It’s definitely NOT a dancer’s only club. The instructor keeps the energy going and motivation up while giving helpful corrections and noting targeted muscles to insure proper execution. After just one class you’ll feel lifted, sculpted and above all, worked out from head to toe. Barre Class is a ballet boot camp worth checking out. See you at the barre!