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Make That Monday Morning Feeling A Thing Of The Past

There was a time when Monday to Friday was the ‘time for work’ and the weekend was the weekend and anything went. This meant momentarily turning a blind eye to what’s good for your health and well-being and just having a good time. There were always a high levels of rich food and drink and low levels of exercise and contemplation.


Walking into the working door on a Monday morning always felt the same. It was a miserable moment both mentally and physically and the rest of the day was spent gradually getting into the ‘time for work’ routine and rhythm.

But there are good reasons to taking care over the weekend and look at what you eat. The lessons of the Monday morning and ‘time for work’ take years to sink in but finally we learn that a good healthy weekend has a lot of benefits.

Sticking to a wholesome diet helps support your healthy goals, and you’ll enter into Monday morning full of energy! Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a confusing or hard endeavor. Follow these rules; you’ll be good to go.

Sip with a clean start:

Make a cup of hot water with pH-balancing lemon juice part of your weekend morning ritual. As you hydrate with H2O, this warming, soothing drink will also aid healthy digestion.

Cook at home:

Eating out at restaurants should be a treat — not an every-meal occurrence. Cook at home this weekend to have complete control of the healthy ingredients going into every meal.

Add produce to every meal:

Bump up the nutritional value of every meal by always adding a helping of fruits and veggies. A fruit cup makes a great breakfast side, and every protein is better alongside a cup of greens.



Say no to processed foods:

Fast food, junk food, and other processed goods have got to go. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, try to avoid it this weekend.

Keep carbs smart:

Comforting staples like white bread, bagels, and pastries can result in your energy crashing through the day; support your digestion and energy levels with complex carbs.

Don’t hold out to eat:

When you sit down to a meal famished, you’re far more likely to overeat and overdrink — or eat whatever is in sight! Stay satisfied between meals with snacks so you don’t skip out on your healthy goals.

Skip the added sugar:

Natural sugar from fruit is what you’re looking for on a clean-eating plan; the white sugar that goes into baked goods or your supersweet coffee beverage is not.

Make snacks homemade:

Plan ahead and prep a quality snack so there’s no need to step into a convenience store.

Give the booze a break:

Skip the brunch full of mimosas or evening out with cocktails; booze is full of empty calories and tons of sugar, which can mess with all the hard work you put in with meal planning.

Drink more water:

One of the easiest ways to support any healthy weekend is to drink plenty of water. Keep your bottle full at all times to help rid your body of toxins and support healthy digestion.

Kick out condiments:

Ketchup, mayo, ranch dressing — whatever comforting condiment is your pick — keep it far away from a weekend of clean eats. Focus on enjoying fresh, natural flavors instead.

Opt for organic:

According to naturopath practitioner Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN, pesticides, herbicides, and hormones can “disrupt your endocrine system, [and] spur on weight gain and inflammation.” Opting for organic goods makes steering clear of these chemicals a priority.

Bring your own food:

Eating clean doesn’t mean you can’t stay social! Just don’t make it all about the food. Instead of meeting up at a bar or restaurant, spend time outside or at a friend’s house where you can enjoy your clean food freely.

Author: Lizzie Fuhr


This all might seem a bit extreme and there are certainly some options less palatable than others – I won’t give mine away – but by trying to stick to some and moderate others it’s surprising how the Monday morning door is easier to go through and the ‘time for work’ is a time that is more enjoyable. (That’s what somebody told me anyway:) )


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