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8 Life Habits – A Must For All Women In Their 50s

If, in our 40s it was all about a transitioning lifestyle then in our 50s change is no longer sometime in the future but is with us now.

After the fabulous 40s you’ve developed as wise, assured women full of experience and prepared for anything life throws up. Yes, welcome to the fabulous 50s.

Fifty used to be the start of a winding down and letting the younger generations steal your thunder – but no more. When a woman hits her fabulous fifties, she still has all of her potential to shine as long as she nurtures her body through excellent health and lifestyle choices. Now is the time to take life by the horns and shape the years ahead.

We know there are challenges to continue feeling good, looking good and enjoying life.

Apart from everything else there is menopause to contend with which affects just about every physiological system in our bodies.

No need for negativity though as the following 8 habits will help minimize your health risks but the fact is that the chances of developing an illness or disease that devalues the quality of life increases greatly in your 50s, so what can be done to lessen the risks, maintain or even improve the quality of health, fitness and well-being?

Health & Wealth Women's Style

9 Advantages Women Have For Success In Online Business

It occurred to me that over the last few years we see more and more successful female online business owners whether it’s eCommerce sites, successful blogs, internet marketing product creators, freelance writers or whatever.
Group Of Female Friends In Caf‚ Using Digital Devices

Discussing this with a couple of other online business owner friends (also female) over our usual elevenses we came to the conclusion that this should be no surprise and it would seem a logical path for a woman to take especially as we are seeing the breakdown of traditional work structures and practices.

So we came up with 9 reason why women are better suited to running a successful online business. Not that we decry our opposing gender’s abilities. Besides there are plenty of successful male online business owners to point an enviable finger at.

But there is every reason to think that we have an advantage over men these days in making it online. Male or female, what do you think?

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3 Easy Steps To Getting Any Man To Adore You


Step 1 – Trigger a sense of positive discomfort in his mind. You must be thinking – Wait a minute! How can discomfort be positive and why would I want to make a guy uncomfortable?

Well, there is an age old psychological concept which states that as humans we value the very thing we have to work hard for. Men specially are genetically programmed to value the very thing which isn’t easy to attain.

Now I am not saying that you should play hard to get and make him run after you. That concept is a myth and can actually turn a guy completely off.

What I am talking about is a cocktail of pleasure and discomfort mixed in together. It basically means that you make him feel 90% pleasure mixed with 10% discomfort. This cocktail creates an intense sense of passion within a man’s body that is just hard to control.

This tunes up his emotional intensity towards you and he feels this hot, raw and intense love for you which is addictive and almost irreplaceable. In fact, this concept works so well that he will actually enjoy chasing you and will get a special kind of feeling which will get him addicted to pursuing you. I know it sounds weird right now, but I’ll show you a super easy way to put it into action soon. But before that, let me get to our second step.

Step 2 – Re-frame his point of view… Have you ever seen a guy who went completely nuts over a certain girl even though she wasn’t that good looking or smart and did you find yourself thinking – What does he see in her? She isn’t even that special.

The important point to note here is that in your point of view, she might not be that attractive or special but that specific guy is seeing her through a completely different lens. He is seeing things in her that you might not see at all. Now the good news is that you can use re-framing to change a guy’s views about you, and make him find you absolutely attractive, irresistible and exceptionally special even if you aren’t that good looking, skinny or smart.

You see, by making small easy adjustments in your personality, you can make a guy think that you are one of the most interesting women he’s ever come across, and not only that, you can actually make him see you as this special, one in a million woman he would be lucky to have in his life.

I’ll soon show you a super easy method to re-frame his view of you completely, and establish yourself as his only and best possible choice. But before that, let me give you the 3rd and final step.

(Must be 18: Naughty secrets every woman
needs to know about men – Click HERE)


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15 Amazing and Inspirational Women’s Hair Styles

Here are some beautiful, inspiring hair-styles, some of which can be done by anyone, others it must be said, need a mathematician and an architect as well as a hair stylist to achieve such perfection.

Either way they are awesome and if ever you wanted an inspirational look for any occasion one of these should do the trick.

Here are 15 very different hair style ideas from the simple, clean look to the bizarre..this, one of our favorites is first, but your’s may be the last  😉 
avante-1bThe next one is cleaner and more intricate…


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15 Crazy Nail Art Designs

Here are some wacky and fun, crazy nail art ideas that can inspire you or just make you think “Is she mad…” either way it’s a fun look at some of the things women are doing to their nails from the nail decals to wraps to those ones that need full scaffolding… you’ll see what I mean.
naroschennyie nogti_2
So our first is not just making a statement with her nails – this is the whole deal when it comes to matching nails and makeup. Cool nail art and just a super cool look. Not something you would wear many days of the week but the next one is fruitier…