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8 Longest Golf Drive Stories – Some Are Weird!


It’s really hard to evaluate the longest golf drives. Improved technology in distance measurement, club heads and shafts as well as the ball itself has made it easier to hit a golf ball further than it was in the days of Old Tom Morris.

Then there’s the variable of luck, good or bad and conditions play a big part too. It’s a lot easier to hit a ball with the wind than when it’s blowing across the right shoulder (what’s all that about anyway).

And context too – where is the player, is he trying to hit it a long way or just trying to get position in the final round at the august Augusta.

Anyway here are some great instances of very very big hitting. Some will be surprising and some unbelievable.


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13 Amazing Golf Courses To Try Before You Die

Young woman playing golf

13 Outstanding Golf Courses From All Around The World

From the lowest handicappers to the not so serious golfers we’ll all have at least a handful of golf courses we would love to take a golf swing at. Here are some that are a little unusual, or maybe striking in one way or another – it might be a feature, the conditions, a hazard, the size, but whatever it is it would make for a very interesting golfing experience.

There were many others I wanted to include so I apologise if your favorite isn’t here. And they have been selected from around the world to make it more interesting geographically so only 3 from the USA, which itself accounts for 46% of the world’s golf courses. There is no particular order although number 1 is an outstanding location and rates as the most dramatic of golf course settings…

…so get your golf clubs cleaned and plan at least a couple of these amazing golf course experiences.