Over 45? How To Keep Your Brain Age Young

People often talk about what they’re doing to get in shape or improve fitness, but not so much about keeping their brain sharp. So our body age can improved by exercise but what about our brain age?

brain exercise

Giving your brain a “workout” can improve your memory and make you feel goooood.
Most people think that after a certain age the human brain no longer regenerates but it’s been found that new neurons are being born throughout our lives and it occurs in the grey matter of the brain structure, the hippocampus.

This is known as neurogenesis and it’s been worked out that around 700 neurons can be generated every day, which by the time you’re 50 means that all the neurons you were born with have been replaced.

We’ve known for a long time that the hippocampus is responsible for learning, memory, emotion and mood.

There is no doubt that getting older means a reduction in the growth of neurons and a higher likelihood of external factors causing a higher rate of inhibiting the growth and survival of them.

But the good news is that cognitive decline in older adults can be arrested, long-term memory can be improved and depression and stress become less likely as long as the growth of these neurons aren’t inhibited.

Based on what researchers have found so far here are some do’s and don’ts that will encourage the brain to regenerate and “sharpen the mind”.

family outdoor1 – Go Outdoors

As well as being good for your body and happiness in general, going outdoors (not just to get a paper!) will help your happiness and help your mind to focus. Getting older often means a loss of spatial awareness so getting out and about improves spatial memory.

Find somewhere green as near to you as you can (this doesn’t have to be the countryside, a local park will do).

The way it will help your mind is by giving it a break from your day to day stresses and strains as it helps you mentally and physically escape.

Festering indoors with little stimulation apart from tv soaps is a no-no.

salmon high in omega-32 – Diet

It may be no surprise that what sort of food you eat has an affect on your brain age to the extent that researchers now believe that our diet is the modulator of brain functions like memory and mood corresponding with an increase in neurogenesis.

It still follows that all the things we’re told about what to eat and what to avoid holds true, there is no new magic food substance to feast on as there is nothing new to avoid.

So flavonoids found in dark chocolate (hooray) or blueberries increases neurogenesis as does the fatty acids, omega 3 found tuna, sardines and salmon. But a diet ladened with high saturated fats will tend to inhibit the production of neurons.

Apart from what you actually eat it’s been shown that restricting calorie intake by 20 to 30 percent will increase neurogenesis as will intermittent fasting, so spacing the time between meals.

There was something new and a bit strange however, that Japanese researchers unearthed and it is to do with the texture of the food we eat. They have shown that a soft food diet impairs neurogenesis compared to food that needs mastication, so chewy or crunchy food.

It’s not only what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat, but it’s also the texture of the food that promotes good mental health, improved memory and a better overall mood due in turn to the production of the new neurons in the hippocampus.

Gardening good for the brain3 – Gardening

If the idea of digging a heavy spade until you break into a sweat is unappealing, particularly if you have lower back issues, it is worth knowing that gardening doesn’t necessarily have to be a big physical chore.

The good news is that even just doing a bit of basic planting or pruning can help your mental wellbeing. Gardening helps with this by taking your mind off daily stresses and also gives a sense of satisfaction and control.

If you do have your own garden, there is a great sense of pride in reaching certain goals throughout the seasons and entertaining your friends in it is a great bonus.

reading outside4 – Reading Books

Reading books has been proven to assist your memory power especially memory recall. If you read a book or indeed your kindle before bed as part of your night time routine it can assist in getting a good night’s sleep, enabling you to be more focused and less stressed the next day. It can calm your mind too, if you get absorbed in a decent story, or stimulate it if you are reading a factual book.

Anything that improves the quality of sleep is always going to be a good thing as it’s been found that sleep-deprivation is a sure way to inhibit neurogenesis.

couple cycling for exercise5 – Exercise

You may already be aware of the advantages exercise can have on the heart and body, but cardio actually delivers oxygen in the blood flow to your brain too and it’s believed that this is the connection between exercise and neurogenesis. Experiments have shown that without a wheel in it’s cage a mouse develops far fewer neurons in the hippocampus than one which can run around it’s wheel daily.

Exercise has been proven to improve long and short memory and to lower the stress inducing hormone cortisol, enabling a clarity of thought.

Through exercise your brain signals you are feeling good with the release of endorphins.

doing sudoku in the sun6 – Sudoku/Crosswords

As well as helping you to chill out while you take a break, Sudoku/Crosswords and any other form of brain training have many other benefits. Let’s face it,  the more it’s used the more power the brain will retain. Use it or lose it.

They can give you a feeling of personal satisfaction and you could even sit and enjoy some puzzles with the grandchildren, enriching their brain power at the same time as your own.

Puzzles, particularly Sudoku have a link to limiting the aging effect on your brain and helping your memory. You could always “mix it up” a bit more by alternating between Sudoku, Crosswords improving your number and word skills.

Or why not try one of the good brain games that there are online these days.
We would suggest which was created by scientists or which also looks good although we haven’t tried it.

Wine drinking women friends toasting glasses7 – Cut Down On The Booze but…

Ethanol or alcohol intake will decrease brain age.
While there are conflicting reports at the moment about drinking alcohol in moderation, excessive alcohol consumption does unfortunately, damage the brain and inhibits neurogenesis, the regeneration of neurons in the important grey matter.

Although we raise our glasses to celebrate at occasions such as weddings (or even at our weekly pub night out!), it shouldn’t really be taken lightly that alcohol is ultimately a depressant.

The feeling of “relaxing” you may get after an initial drink or two of the alcoholic kind is down to your brain processing slowing down, which is why some people literally can’t remember what they were doing the night before. Laying off the booze can have a positive impact on your sharpness.

Okay, the good news is though, if you’re like me and like a glass of red then research has also shown that resveratrol which is found in red wine helps promote the survival of these growing neurons.

Neighbors Party Yard 8 – Be Sociable

With so much technology surrounding us, there is a temptation to insulate ourselves in our cocoons, but engaging in company can be fun as well as mentally stimulating.

You and your friends could engage in a new activity such as chess, a quiz or book club for example. If a few of you are into cooking, why not host a get together at each others houses, perhaps on a monthly basis, and enjoy sharing your food and recipes? You could also join a cookery class.

women in the gym doing yoga exercise9 – Remember To Breathe!

Stress, poor posture and being too busy are just a few of the contributing factors that can stop us performing the most basic bodily function of all, breathing.

We forget, or may not even know, that ten or fewer slower breaths per minute are best for your heart. This is largely because this helps to get the oxygen to your brain, helping with your energy and sharpness.

Yoga and Pilates concentrate on breathing if you fancy trying a class, or a dvd if you prefer the comfort and privacy of your own home.

There is also plenty of advice online and in books about detailed breathing techniques and meditation, This is a yoga course which should be helpful although it promotes it as a weight loss product as well but I believe it’s still only $9 for the download.

Good luck with growing those neurons.

Film & TV

8 Subtle Scary Screen Scoundrels

mikemyers-1There have always been baddies that we love to hate as a film audience, from Dracula to more modern ‘Slasher’ types.

This list though is actually more of a credit to the actors that made their baddie characters so sinister and believable.

It proves that whether from the ‘40s or much more recent, with the right actor cast for the role, a baddie can become iconic and his/her scenes truly unforgettable! Here then are a list of baddies whose actor’s made them completely creepy and plausible:

child-catcher-11 – The Child Catcher – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Kicking off this list and serving as a BIG deterrent to encourage children to say no to strangers has to be the very creepy child catcher from ‘Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang’ who lures children with lollipops, only to imprison them. With his funeral attire, black gloves, giant honk to smell the blood of children, not to mention his great big net, this character (played by Robert Helpmann) still has the power to freak out generations!

darthmaul-12 – Darth Maul – The Phantom Menace

Before Kylo Ren (who could make this list in his own right, but is not included for risk of ‘Star Wars:The Force Awakens’ spoilers,) there were iconic baddies a plenty in the Star Wars films, Darth Vader, Jabba The Hut and The Emperor to name a few, but Darth Maul deserves a place in this list. Remaining silent, having a physical resemblance to Satan himself with horns and red/yellow eyes; not to mention being lethal with martial arts type fighting skills and expertise with a double lightsaber, make Darth Maul (played by Ray Park) an extremely talented assassin with a very unnerving appearance,

ming-13 Ming The Merciless – Flash Gordon

Taking the cheesiness of the 1980 film version of ‘Flash Gordon’ aside, Ming The Merciless (played by Max von Sydow) is a truly evil tyrant who not content with ruling his own planet Mango, wants to destroy Earth. The fact that his daughter is tortured and nearly killed seems to mean nothing to him! Perhaps equally creepy though is his pantomime villain type laugh, not to mention his very scary 80’s over the top clothes and collars!

The-Shining-14 Jack “Here’s Johnny” Torrance – The Shining

The phrase, “here’s Johnny” is now legendary and has been parodied in many tv programmes and films since. Jack Nicholson gives true eyebrow raising chills in his portrayal of insane Jack Torrance in the 1980 film version of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’.

Particularly memorable is the scene where an axe wielding Jack is chasing after his own son and wife, whilst reciting part of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ fable – which will not be the same for you to read to the grandchildren after watching this film!

psycho-15 Norman Bates – Psycho

Similarities to Jack Torrance could be drawn with Norman Bates, particularly as they share the pastime of wanting to murder people in remote hotels!

Rather than reciting lines from fables though, Norman (played in the 1960 film by Anthony Perkins) likes to dress up in his dead mum’s clothes and chillingly mimic her voice.

The iconic shower scene has been parodied many times, and Anthony Perkins went on to ‘send up’ the character of Norman Bates in the US both on their ‘Saturday Night Live’ show and on an advert for cereals!

pinkiebrown-16 Pinkie Brown – Brighton Rock

A young Richard Attenborough gave an outstanding performance back in 1947 as dodgy gangster Pinkie Brown in the film noir Brighton Rock. He is repulsed by anything sweet or affectionate in life, and ruthlessly gets revenge on anyone who crosses his path.

Although ‘Dickie’ Attenborough was just twenty years old and relatively new to the film scene at the time the film was made, his fresh faced look somehow adds to the sheer complex scariness of a young seventeen year old Pinkie Brown.

misery-17 Annie Wilkes – Misery

When your No 1 fan kidnaps you and wants to chop your ankles off, there really isn’t a lot of hope!

Kathy Bates stars as a crazy Annie Wilkes in the film Misery. What is particularly scary is that Annie seems to genuinely believe she is caring for her favourite author Paul, as she holds him hostage. By profession, she is also a nurse! Kathy Bates won an Oscar for her performance in this film, and quite rightly so!
Green_Goblin-28 The Green Goblin – Spider-Man

There are many great baddies in Spidey films, but a chilling performance that stands out is Willem Dafoe’s in the 2002 film version of Spider-Man.

There is a bizarrely disturbing scene where Norman Osborn has a conversation with himself/alter ego The Green Goblin in plain clothes, via a mirror! In true baddie style once he has THAT suit on, he becomes insanely powerful with antics including dangling children and Spidey’s dream girl Mary Jane from a bridge – to make him choose!
Author: Karen Hill

Film & TV

8 Films You Can Watch With The Grandchildren…

…and still enjoy.
If you are liking the sound of cosy film nights with your grandchildren; but not sure the very latest films would be your cup of tea, why not get the best of both worlds with some timeless family classics?

The 7 films in this list have been selected as they are proving popular with youngsters watching them for the first time; yet are also being revisited by adults who watched them when they were younger, and can also enjoy them again partly through nostalgic eyes:

wizard-of-oz-21 The Wizard of Oz – (1939)
The Wizard of Oz is a classic film that appeals to all generations, despite being nearly 80 years old!

There is still something magical about Dorothy’s quest to follow the yellow brick road and find her way home. Its technicolour can still be appreciated as well as the great characters such as the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin-man. It also has a great musical score including the Academy Award winning ‘Over The Rainbow’ and is still widely referred to today in many other films and TV programmes.

PINOCCHIO-22 Pinocchio (1940)
There are many Disney films you could enjoy again with your grandchildren, but a recommendation you may not instantly think of is Pinocchio. It is hard to believe it was initially unsuccessful at the box office, particularly as it went on to win 2 Academy Awards!

The tale of morality about a puppet who wishes to become a real boy strikes a chord as well as the film having ground-breaking animation. It could also possibly educate the grandchildren to the right path – have you ever said to them, “if you tell a lie, your nose will grow.” for instance?

oliver-23 Oliver! (1968)
Although there have been many adaptations of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, the musical film Oliver! has to be watched with the grandchildren! It has won 6 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globes. It has a fantastic musical score including the songs ‘Food Glorious Food’, ‘Consider Yourself’ and the moving ‘As Long as He Needs Me’.

The film features some very memorable actors including Harry Secombe as Mr Bumble, Oliver Reed as a very mesmerizing and sinister Bill Sykes and Ron Moody as Fagin. Ron Moody portrays Fagin brilliantly and was actually partly inspired by comedian/magician Tommy Cooper.

The story of how Oliver copes when he runs away after being sold from the orphanage to undertaker Mr Sowerberry (Leonard Rossiter) is an appealing, exciting adventure that no matter how many times you watch it will have you and the grandchildren asking ‘for more!’

willy-wonka-24 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
If enjoying snacks is part of the film night experience with the grandchildren, what better excuse to get the choccies out than to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – because it WILL make you fancy some!

This film works on two levels, as while the grandchildren can be swept into the magical adventures of Charlie and his grandpa at the Chocolate Factory, grandparents can enjoy the somewhat dark humour and admire the outstanding performance of Gene Wilder as creepy Willy Wonka.

petesdragon-25) Pete’s Dragon (1977)
Pete’s Dragon is a much under rated live action, with an animated character movie. Okay, so the effects couldn’t rely on the latest CGI, but they are nevertheless impressive.

The film also has a great cast including Helen Reddy as Nora, Mickey Rooney as her dad Lampie. Jim Dale as a delectably dastardly Dr Terminus and Red Buttons as Doc Terminus’ bumbling sidekick, Hoagie.

There is more going on in this story than a boy meeting a dragon who can turn invisible, (although that is pretty magical) there are the other parts such as the stories of Pete escaping from a horrid family who bought him, and Nora’s husband who has been missing for years.

Although the songs haven’t caught on to the level of ‘The Sound of Music’ for example, there are still some great catchy ones in this film. ‘Every Little Piece’ sang by Doc Terminus is as hilarious as ‘Candle in the Water’ by Nora is moving. There really is something for everyone here.

willow-26 Willow (1988)
Star Wars movies aside, George Lucas is also behind the fantasy adventure Willow, which now has a cult following. The film stars a very young Warwick Davis, who strives to protect a baby from an evil queen.

It also stars Val Kilmer as Madmartigan, (who could be compared personality wise to Han Solo in Star Wars) a reluctant hero. As well as some ‘Sinbad’ style awesome creatures, great costumes and a fantastic score, Willow has some hilarious moments and is pure fun and escapism for all generations.

shrek-27 Shrek (2001)
The charming tale of an ogre defending his swamp whilst falling in love is a fairy tale in its own right. It is reminiscent of pantomime in its humour and appeal, with children appreciating the funny moving friendship and banter Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) and Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy) share; and adults appreciating the innuendo.

The whole parody of different fairy tales whilst actually being in a fairy tale is also very clever. As well as a great soundtrack, this film has a fresh, modern appeal with its computer animated effect.

frozen-28 Frozen (2013)
And last and probably least, this had to be included if not for one of my favourite bits of all time in a film for youngsters.

A safe kingdom turns into perpetual winter, but Anna (Kristen Bell) teams up with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his sidekick reindeer to find Anna’s sister the Snow Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel) to break the icy spell.

As in many of such tales it’s the journey wherein lies the interest and they have fun with mystical trolls, an hilarious snowman (Josh Gad), tough conditions with magic at every turn. Nevertheless Anna and Kristoff steadfastly push on to save their kingdom from a forever frozen.

So I was quietly watching with a young niece of mine and to her amazement I literally fell off the couch crying with laughter.

It wasn’t easy but I came up with something to put her at ease and assure her she wasn’t missing out on the joke


5 ‘Great’ Old Hits With Insane Lyrics

life style, happiness, emotional and people concept: beauty hipster girls with a microphone singing and having fun

If you were to judge a song purely on lyrical content it may be fair to say a lot of great hits would never have made it; or perhaps there are some people that do just love simple words.

The accompanying catchy melodies and instruments have gone a long way to making certain songs a success, despite their crazy lyrics. Here are 5 songs that stick out for having insane lyrical content yet did very well in the charts:

ManfredMann-21 Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Manfred Mann

The sixties is undoubtedly the main era of the insane lyric, with many culprits such as the Beatles’ ‘Ob La Di ‘and the Small Faces’ ‘Sha La La La Lee ‘for instance; but one that really sticks out for insane lyrics has to be ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy’, made famous by Manfred Mann and reaching the top spot for two weeks in the UK and the US in 1964.

The opening verse contains the lyrics, “There she was just walkin’ down the street singin’, “Do wah diddy diddy, dum diddy do” – rather than burying your head and pretending you hadn’t seen someone doing that, the song seems to advocate that you meet and marry them. It remains an integral part of the compilation of clips of sixties gems that seems to be on most DJ’s wedding and holiday club playlist to this day!

Police-12 De Do Do Do.. – The Police

Originally released in 1980, ‘De Do Do Do’ reached number 5 in the UK charts. As Sting had more than proved himself lyrically, people were wondering what he must be thinking at this point. Imagine the conversation between him and the ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy’ girl for instance! It turns out though, that Sting was being kind of ironic when he wrote the lyrics, as it is actually meant as a comment on how people love simple sounding songs!

duran-23 The Reflex – Duran Duran

Chart-topper ‘The Reflex’ (1984) led to many people analysing its unusual lyrics. There are threads on forums that still analyse it today with many theories including the “finding treasure in the dark” line being a reference to Nick Rhodes ‘finding treasure’ in a song.

It may be slightly frustrating to learn that Duran Duran have admitted that the lyrics to ‘The Reflex’ don’t actually make any sense! They came up with the tune first, didn’t have any lyrics, so penned the first lines they thought of because they rhymed!

NikKershaw-24 The Riddle – Nik Kershaw

‘The Riddle’ by Nik Kershaw reached number three in the UK. It is similar to ‘The Reflex’ in the aspect that it has no meaning either, despite the video’s ‘Alice in Wonderland/The Riddler’ from ‘Batman’ references.

Nik Kershaw basically came up with the melody first but needed to think of some lyrics quickly. He thought of some temporary ones which happened to fit better than any lyrics he could think of afterwards.

Words such as, “Near a tree by a river there’s a hole in the ground where an old man of Aran walks around and around” certainly got people theorising at the time though, with Nik receiving sack loads of mail analysing the song in response to a competition that he was unaware of!

Hanson-15 – Mmm Bop – Hanson

Who can forget this incredibly catchy tune from 1997? (Although you may not admit to it!) It not only reached the number one spot in the UK for three weeks, it also got to number one in another 27 countries. It remains the band’s most successful single to date. In case you need a refresher of the insane chorus, it is “mmm bop, ba ba du dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop”…etc! Nah rubbish!
Author: Karen Hill


10 Ways To Find Your True Self

I think we construct ourselves for other people, and that’s okay … but not 100% of the time. There are times we have to be ourselves or we are going to wither away beneath our fear forever.
Portrait of elegant brunette woman

Here are a few things you can do to uncover who you really are at the core. All of these take courage.

1. Accept that negative things people say about you could possibly be true. And then dare to change. It’s that DARE part that hurts so much. But come on. I’ve had several people in my life tell me some pretty negative and hurtful things about myself. It wasn’t until I really dared to see what they were saying and accept that there might be some truth in what they said that I could finally face the pain and do something about it.

2. Really figure out if you are an introvert or extrovert. Nobody is 100% one or the other, but it has been proven scientifically in more places than one that everyone is bent more towards one or the other, and that we are born that way. It doesn’t change. We can often learn how to be really good at pretending to be the opposite of what we are, but it’s innate. Knowing what you really are and what that means is a huge, huge eye-opener.

3. Stop hiding from yourself. Literally. Look in the mirror every single day.Nothing can replace really looking at yourself in the mirror and learning to love what you see, flaws and all. I used to have horrendous acne. I still have scars, and I’m beginning to look past them now. It has been a difficult journey.

4. Make a list of what you judge about other people. It’s true what they say: the things you judge about others is what you’re judging about yourself. Sit down and figure out the judgments you make on other people. Those are the things you’re most concerned about in life, and probably the things you should try to work on for yourself instead of pushing it all on other people, even if it’s only in your thoughts.

5. Find a true hobby. Your hobbies and what you do in your spare time says a lot about you. If you don’t like that you’re playing video games four hours a day when you get home from work, maybe you should step back and figure out some other things in your life that you’d like to explore instead. Maybe you’re just an avid video gamer and you’re playing with your entire family. That says a lot right there too. Positive things! But step back and make sure you’re filling your spare time with things that you truly love, not things you’re doing just because it’s popular, or to avoid your true self.

6. Learn to say no. It’s hard to say no to people, or even opportunities, especially if it makes you feel guilty or selfish to do so. But look up at point #2. If you know what you tend toward — introverted or extroverted — you’re going to know more about your limits and the limits of others. That’s when it gets a little easier to start saying no to the things that aren’t really going to help anyone, or make them or you happy, in the long run.

happy woman enjoy summer time7. Find some silence every single day. Life is loud. Life is crazy. Singling out some time just for you, and making sure it is quite literally SILENT, is essential … and not just for introverted people who prefer silence. I think it’s essential for human beings in general. How can you know yourself if you can’t hear yourself? Even if it’s just three minutes, find some silence to ask yourself how you’re doing and what you might need to do to alter your course, even if it’s just slightly, in order to find your center again. Sometimes that means following #6 and saying no to something. Sometimes it means saying yes.

8. Check your social media interactions. Consistently. I think a lot can be said about how we interact on social media. Take a good, hard look at how you interact and what it might be saying about you. Do you always want to prove yourself right? Are you seeking out ways to state your opinion everywhere to make yourself feel validated? What are you trying to validate and why? If you get upset after being on social media, why? Really try to figure out how social media makes you feel, how you’re interacting, what you share and why you are sharing it and what you’re expecting out of sharing it. Knowing these things and studying them can say so much about you. I’ve found that it often shows me where I’m feeling a lack in my life. That’s when I have to ask why, how, and what I should do to fill that lack.

9. Realize your true friends. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with #1. Your true friends are the people who know you best. Sit down and make a list of the people you’d tell anything to. Once you know who those people are (there probably aren’t a lot), sit down and have a chat with them about what they see as your strengths and weaknesses. If they truly love you, they’ll tell you the truth. It’s an eye opener.

10. Learn to admit your worst imperfections to other people. It’s a good thing to be able to admit to other people face-to-face that you are not perfect and there are things you’re working on. When you can realize and face your worst imperfections and admit them to other people, you are finally ready to see yourself as you are, your True Self, so to speak. Seeing that True Self doesn’t mean you’ll love that True Self, but it does mean you can start discerning between what is amazing about you and what might need some working on. And not obvious things, either, but the things that will get to the root of everything else you’d like to better about yourself. I believe it’s only when you can see your true self that you can truly see others, as well.


10 Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail – Especially At Holidays

Happy couple drinking hot tea.The festive holiday period is portrayed as a time of loving families and relationships – of giving and sharing, but it seems that the Christmas period is also most busy time for looking for relational breakups and looking for another romance.

According to, over recent years hits to their site are at a peak on December 25th.

Perhaps it’s the holiday time stress, or all those office parties that is the springboard for succumbing to temptation.

To find out what was going on, the progressive dating site, filtered on a big portion of their membership and came up with the 10 top reasons to explain this seasonal anomaly with romance and relationships.

So the number 1 reason relationships to end and love tokens to be returned was…
Ready for revenge! Rear view of young women holding a knife whil1. Cheating & Unfaithfulness. Dastardly and unforgivable – or is it?

It was found recently that 54% of people surveyed said that cheating is justifiable under certain circumstances.

The survey by USA Network with the premiere of its new show Satisfaction teamed up with New York magazine to ask 411 New Yorkers about their relationships.

82% said they would have no tolerance if someone cheated on them, but 81% admitted that they would cheat if they knew there would be no consequences to their actions.

Is that surprising? – I’m not sure and there isn’t data that tells us if this has changed over the years.

young upset couple in bed
2. Unfulfilling sex.

Whether it was uninteresting sex or maybe one partner got bored with the same old form and action, interest in the bedroom was number 2.
Before you give up though try these 7 Ways to Put The Spice Back Into Sex.

woman talking to her phone3. Jealousy.

Too much jealousy especially when it becomes controlling should be taken seriously. Interests may have departed wildly from the partners which may have brought about contact with a new crowd. Or maybe it’s a case of getting a little too attached to social media accounts. It’s always best to find out early on why the other half is acting like a kid before it gets to stalking and checking the credit card receipts.

Stressed couple fighting over the family budget, spending4. Finances.

Couples getting frustrated over their finances is as old as marriage itself. Having an argument over money is better than having none and it’s better than never discussing the topic. Know each other’s credit, earnings, and debts.

Pcouplehappy-25. Family differences.

It may well be that the person someone first knew, laughing at the same things and liking the same movies are different and some odd skeletal remains are found in the closet. Compatible values are important in a burgeoning relationship – find out early.

men enjoying his meal while watching tv6. Weight gain.

As he settles into a comfortable life with the healthy fit you he slides into the couch with a beer and a huge bag of potato chips. Maybe you can’t force him down the gym every night but perhaps suggesting some joint goals together would help. Sometimes the weight just grows imperceptibly.
Man sitting on a money pile while woman is doing chores7. Laziness.

Who wants a lazy partner? Sure we all want some relaxing moments, but if now and again becomes all the time, it’s worth pondering on the fact that people won’t normally change a great deal.
Pclingy-28. Too clingy.

There needs to be boundaries set early although it can be hard if someone is naturally that way inclined but he must learn that it’s never a comfortable feeling – being clung.

wake up 49. Cleanliness.

Unless your partner is OCD there would be no complaints regarding cleanliness. But if he’s too messy, tell him that tidiness and orderliness can make you instantly happy and content.

It's Your Fault10. Frugality.

Well I’m sure this is a euphemism for cheap and cheap ain’t good. However if money is a problem don’t worry and work things out together. Cheap is bad though.

Health & Wealth Women's Style

8 Life Habits – A Must For All Women In Their 50s

If, in our 40s it was all about a transitioning lifestyle then in our 50s change is no longer sometime in the future but is with us now.

After the fabulous 40s you’ve developed as wise, assured women full of experience and prepared for anything life throws up. Yes, welcome to the fabulous 50s.

Fifty used to be the start of a winding down and letting the younger generations steal your thunder – but no more. When a woman hits her fabulous fifties, she still has all of her potential to shine as long as she nurtures her body through excellent health and lifestyle choices. Now is the time to take life by the horns and shape the years ahead.

We know there are challenges to continue feeling good, looking good and enjoying life.

Apart from everything else there is menopause to contend with which affects just about every physiological system in our bodies.

No need for negativity though as the following 8 habits will help minimize your health risks but the fact is that the chances of developing an illness or disease that devalues the quality of life increases greatly in your 50s, so what can be done to lessen the risks, maintain or even improve the quality of health, fitness and well-being?

Health & Wealth Women's Style

9 Advantages Women Have For Success In Online Business

It occurred to me that over the last few years we see more and more successful female online business owners whether it’s eCommerce sites, successful blogs, internet marketing product creators, freelance writers or whatever.
Group Of Female Friends In Caf‚ Using Digital Devices

Discussing this with a couple of other online business owner friends (also female) over our usual elevenses we came to the conclusion that this should be no surprise and it would seem a logical path for a woman to take especially as we are seeing the breakdown of traditional work structures and practices.

So we came up with 9 reason why women are better suited to running a successful online business. Not that we decry our opposing gender’s abilities. Besides there are plenty of successful male online business owners to point an enviable finger at.

But there is every reason to think that we have an advantage over men these days in making it online. Male or female, what do you think?