8 Musicians Who Have Aged Gracefully

keith-richards-2The years are not always kind to celebrity musicians, especially when they can get swept up in the rock’n’roll lifestyle that can follow alongside the fame.

There are some though, that have either always been more prudent or have grown wiser as they matured in years; or have just been plain lucky and have managed to age very well!

Musicians in those categories don’t appear to be much older than 30, yet are at least in their late 40’s.

Here’s a look at musicians who have aged very gracefully, with a look at their ‘secrets’ which can range from surfing to discovering a new faith!

sting-21 – Sting

Maybe it’s his macrobiotic diet (balancing the yin and yang of food) or the fact that he has performed aerobics, ran races and still practises yoga with meditation techniques that make the ex-’Police’ frontman appear so youthful.

It is hard to believe that Sting is 64 years old. He has also cited music as giving him spiritual solace so perhaps that’s his secret!

anthony-kiedis-22 – Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili’s frontman looks virtually the same as he did back in the 80’s, but amazingly he is now 53! Although you may presume from his body that he purely works out at the gym, he recently fell in love with surfing as he approached 50 and has vowed to surf until his dying day! He is vegetarian and starts his day with water and green tea.

Not an image you would automatically conjure up for him if you remember him for his wearing nothing but a strategically-placed-sock days!

davidvanian-23 – Dave Vanian

The lead singer of punk band ‘The Damned’ likes to keep his personal life out of the press, but his image is definitely influenced by Dracula and the Gothic scene.

Although he no longer sports his famous long hair with the streak, from his ‘Eloise’ days, he still has a very youthful fresh face for a man approaching 60. Maybe his enthusiasm of vampire knowledge has led him to discover the secret of eternal youth.

rodstewart-24 – Rod Stewart

Rod ‘The Mod’ Stewart has always taken pride in his appearance and has introduced a lot of image changes in his pop career (additionally to THOSE unforgettable leopard skin print trousers!).

Although he enjoys a tipple of fine wine, Rod has never really been into taking drugs.

He is very interested in football (a notorious Celtic fan) and played it well into his 60’s. He had to give up playing football recently due to having several knee operations.

He has had the luxury of a full-time trainer for over fifteen years though, and a home gym which he still hits for an impressive ninety minutes every day, despite being 71 years old.

shaniatwain-25 – Shania Twain

Country singer Shania Twain still wows fans with her youthful looks and stunning figure. Her secret seems to be a carb-free vegetarian diet.

She also keeps in shape with yoga, pilates, walking, dancing and horse-riding.

According to a study led by the University of Toronto and the University of California, Shania has the perfect face. She certainly looks fabulous at 50.

bono-26 – Bono

U2 singer Bono seems to age like a fine wine and has matured very gracefully at the age of 55. He keeps in shape by exercise boxing and cycling (although he recently confessed to overindulging in these, leading to two very unfortunate injuries.)

It may be presumed that Bono wears sunglasses to look younger or ‘cool’, but he recently revealed that the shades are there for a medical reason as he suffers from glaucoma. They are not actually the fashion statement that many fans believed they were for years!

Prince presents the award for album of the year at the 57th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

7 – Prince

55 year old Prince recently proved he still has an amazing amount of energy by putting on a nearly four hour long show containing over fifty songs. He wowed the audience at the intimate Hollywood Palladium gig with age-defying moves that included back-bends!

He is a tee-total vegan who is convinced that his faith has changed his life. Back in 2001 he converted to Jehovah’s Witness. He has cut his controversial songs and swearing from his shows and is now monogamous.

kylie-28 – Kylie Minogue

Although 47 year old Kylie Minogue is very slim, she actually enjoys six small meals a day. She follows low GI diet plans, (GI stands for Glycaemic Index, the plan ranks carbs according to their effect on blood sugar and is said to be helpful at reducing hunger between meals) and her favourite method of working out is pilates.

She also seems to have ‘stepped back in time’ with her hairstyle recently, as she has gone back to her blonde 80’s curls from her ‘Neighbours’ days. Many of her fans have complimented her about not changing at all since those days!
Author: Karen Hill

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