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8 Life Habits – A Must For All Women In Their 50s

blood pressure8. Don’t forget the checkups
Apart from an ongoing self examination for moles, lumps and blood in
places they shouldn’t be. Also consider…
… eye and hearing test every 3 years.
Pap test, mammogram and pelvic examination every couple of years.
Blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol check every 2 years.
Thyroid every 5 years.
So that’s it – being aware and practising these 8 healthy lifestyle habits will see you in good stead.

As you might have noticed it’s all about what you do with your body and what you put into it …
…I’m for anything natural and avoid plastering chemicals on my face and eating too much artificial this and processed that – occasional cake aside.
If you like the natural healthy options too, you can take advantage of all the food stuffs that are probably in your fridge right now and transform your hair, skin and general health, with a little help from this free book on Natural Beauty Secrets – it’s something I’ve got my daughter into at last so she’ll serenely enter her 30’s, 40’s and beyond.

 Anyway – would you like to look 10 years younger? ;-) We have looked at the things that are “DO’s” now check out this article by Steve & Becky Holman on 5 steps revealing the big “DON’T DO’s” for slowing the aging process, feeling healthy and full of energy with a body to die for.

It includes a program designed specifically to retard the physical and mental signs of ageing. We like it because it works without having to spend hours in the gym or pounding the streets for hours on end.


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