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8 Life Habits – A Must For All Women In Their 50s

Woman telling secret to her partner3. Act young and adventurous in the sack
He may be shocked but in a nice way if you suggest taking some tips from ancient india and indulging in some of the principles of Tantric sex – no it’s not just marathon lovemaking.
It’s a way of intimately connecting with yourself and partner that can also relieve stress, increase focus and thereby enjoy a more pleasurable sexual experience

A quick one in the shed is fine but spre some time and during intercouse or foreplay, aim to stroke three times for every 30 you normally would. May sound dull but actually it’s not.
Really tap into the every sensations you’re experiencing – they will stand apart for the best enjoyment.

Sure, sex feels great, but what about your other senses? “Tantric sex is about creating a fully sensual experience, Catering to all of your senses will help get your entire body and mind get in on the fun. So keep those eyes open and while we’re at it connect with your partner with them.

Yoga-like deep stomach breathing helps to focus relax, and prolong the pleasure. Let the sexual energy spread throughout your body.

Don’t go at it with the TV on or the phone at the side – according to a recent survey an unbelievable 20% of people check their phones while doing the deed. Honestly…airplane mode

It’s not all about the bits, and it’s not all about orgasm. It can be hugging, massage is good, maybe flirting. Anything that erupts your volcanic, sexual energy.


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