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8 Interesting “Work From Home” Ideas

Are you ready to try something different?

homeofficeFor any number of reasons you might be one of many looking for a way to let go of your 9 to 5.

For many, the online lifestyle has become a reality and many quite “ordinary” people are earning thousands a month and no longer have to make that boring commute to work.

Literally millions of dollars are spent each day on the internet. People are no longer worried about buying online so this has given rise to many opportunities either by brokering services or brokering sales as in the first work from home idea, where the rewards can be sky high.

Traditional sales methods are changing and companies, large or small, are turning to selling through affiliates for maximum leverage and anyone can be an affiliate and get large commissions for a relatively small effort once a system is in place.

So let’s look at affiliate marketing plus some other interesting opportunities that can be done from home and often with a huge amount of flexibility and success …

1. Affiliate Marketer
the glory of the internet series e commerceAn internet affiliate program and affiliate marketing networks can be used to market goods and services online. 

Many don’t realize, but there are affiliate opportunities everywhere and you can earn anywhere from 10% to 75% of the item depending on what it is. It used to require a fair amount of technical know-how to set up in affiliate marketing but that’s no longer the case.

How to get started…

There are a ton of very successful affiliate marketers online who have worked out the best ways to earn 6 or more figure incomes a month – it didn’t happen straight away for them but they’re the ones to listen to.

How to get started? Get the training and tools and copy what they do.

We’ve included 2 tried and tested programs below for you. They offer value-for-money and the owner’s ethical reputation. These are probably the best options for long term success with affiliate marketing. Both are from long established and successful marketers.

Highly Recommended
Learn how to make money online as an affiliate. You can create a FREE account here  and get immediate access to a Quick Start Affiliate Marketing Guide, Downloadable Roadmap To Success as well as 120 Video Lessons.

Mark Ling’s site is probably the most comprehensive place to become successful with affiliate marketing even if you know nothing about it. The resources available are extensive. There are many success stories so try out Affilorama today and see if it’s for you.

Clickbank is a place where you can easily sell digital products and get 75% commision but Patrick Chan author of “Wakeup Millionaire” and highly regarded marketer, has taken it one step further.

He is offering you to use his business system to produce a passive monthly. So the program  is a clone of the way he makes money online – you can catch more of his system through this video.

2. The Virtual Assistant
beautiful support girl in calling centre
Demands for virtual assistant
or VA’s as they’re known is a huge and growing market. Depending on your background experience and what type of client you work with the VA’s tasks can be many and varied.

They can include customer service, editing and proofreading, website design, book-keeping, event planning, data entry and many other jobs that may have been the responsibility of a number of people sitting in an office. Much more fun at home – and productive.

Find these opportunities at sites like Clayton’s Secretary, Desk Demon and IAVA.

3. eBay Trading Assistant
EBay Trading Assistants (TA’s)
help do the selling for those that don’t want all the bother of listing their items. eBay Trading Assistants may operate from home but normally go to customer’s homes or businesses to pick the items up and then sell them at eBay on consignment. It can also be run online or through a physical shop where people come in off the street to transact.

eBay sellers are always looking for assistance, and with some experience and some data to back up your expertise the job can easily be yours and for a reasonable fee. It may be worthwhile producing “How To” eBooks on eBay and distributing them on your website or on ebay.

4. Direct Sales Person
A Tupperware magazine advertisement

This is not for everyone but for many who enjoy entertaining and love nothing better than slurping on a glass of wine with a group of friends, direct selling can be a great opportunity to fit working life around your family and also make a lot of money too.
There are now many reputable companies that do business like this. Normally they will provide you with the products to market and sell and you’ll get a percentage of what sells. There are often incentives for growth whereby you develop an area group of similar sellers from whom you get a small percentage in exchange for your support.

5. The Planner.
Beautiful wedding couple

Are you well organized and methodical? And if you have a background in event organizing all the better, as there is a growing popularity for private events to be run by a hired planner.
So we have Wedding Planner, Birthday Party Planner, any party planner, Baby Planner, Vacation Planner.
There could be a natural fit if your background has relevance to any of these niches.

6. Social Marketing VA
man pressing a touchscreen like buttonThis is a little different to the traditional roles of the Virtual Assistant in the previous slide and deserves a separate mention.
As everyone knows, social marketing is here to stay with continuous growth from the old guard of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ with similar platforms coming online all the time.

You can easily turn an addiction to the post, tweet and share by offering social marketing services to businesses and internet marketers. Virtual Assistants with a love of social media are finding work easy in this new niche by making regular postings to multiple social sites on a variety of subjects through page, groups, tweet updates. Try Paid Social Media Jobs for more information.

7. Search Engine Evaluator
young girl in cinemaThis is perfect for native English speakers, culturally aware with a passion for all things music and film.

Search engine companies like Google give you information to search for, and you tell them how closely their results matched what you were looking for. Sounds like an ideal job for many, but don’t expect to feed a large family on the rates. The hiring will be done through companies like Leapforce At Home and Appen Butler Hill.

8. The Writer
Young woman on a train writing notes
Writing encompasses a raft of different job types. If you have sound knowledge and a passion for a particular subject you could write ebooks and self publish through Amazon’s Kindle or Nookpress.

Companies are always in need of quality articles for their websites – set up your own simple website to offer writing services and market through an online services provider like Elance, Odesk or through social media like Linkedin. You can find out more at

2 things you need to be a successful affiliate marketer…