8 Interesting “Work From Home” Ideas – Supplement


Affiliate Marketing – So What Is It???
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Affiliate marketing is selling something, anything, on behalf of another’s business which could be a retailer or any other type of business and the affiliate marketer gets a percentage of the retail price.

Affiliate marketing has become a popular business model for people to take up, as it’s something that anyone can do in their spare time or as a full time job and it often means the ultimate in time flexibility – furthermore it can be done anywhere.

This has become so accessible because the technology is there and so many companies big and small see the benefits. They are keen to access the services of you or anyone no matter the size, as it makes for a larger sales force.

So anyone can do it and there are individuals making 6 figure monthly salaries – well by the time they’re doing that much they tend to outsource a lot of the day to day work.

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