7 Dangerous Home Hazards For Your Cat

catatdrink1. Dangerous Drinks

As much as we love our tea, coffee and glass of wine these drinks are not appreciated by our feline friends so under no circumstances should they be given coffee, tea or any alcohol – that applies to dogs too of course. So as much you think she might appreciate a ‘cat nip’ just say no!

According to the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals” “alcoholic drinks can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, and breathing difficulty, among other things”.

cat eating a muffin on a yellow background2. Foods That Can Be Fatal

Most people know that chocolate is harmful to dogs but it is as harmful to cats so be aware and also make sure any around children understand the danger.

Too much sugar is not only bad for us it’s worse for our pets. Also be vigilant about sweet, candy wrappers.
Even if it’s his birthday no chocolate muffins.

onionscat23. Some More Foods To Steer your Cat Away From

Keep them away from all fatty foods as well as these specific items.
Chewing gum
Macadamia nuts
Grapes & Raisins
Onions & Garlic
Avacado &
Raw dough
Source: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.


4. Plants That Will Poison Your Pussy Cat

As lovely as lilies are, they happen to be one of the worst plants for cats. It’s probably best to keep lilies out of the home as they can be poisonous if chewed on or eaten by your cats.

Lily poisoning includes vomiting and loss of appetite as well as fatigue. If you think your cat or especially kitten,  has been at the lilies and is lethargic take her to the vet straight away. If not treated after 3 to 5 days of ingestion she may end up with fatal kidney failure.

“Unfortunately, several types of lilies have been found to be deadly to cats, including Easter lily, tiger lily, rubrum lily, Japanese show lily, some species of day lily and certain other members of the Liliaceae family. Ingesting just one leaf can result in severe poisoning, and within a very short time your cat will exhibit signs of toxicity.”
Poinsettias can also be dangerous for your cat although not as bad as the Lilies but something else to be aware of at Christmas. (Don’t worry – the cat in the picture is not eating anything dangerous but he’ll probably vomit sometime later.

adorable baby sitting on the little bed and playing with cat5. Hazardous Choking Objects

Cats get into everything and it’s no surprise that they get something inside them that wasn’t meant to be there, but sometimes the items they pick can cause choking or can cause harm to the oesophagus lining or stomach.
When using certain everyday items just be aware of how they might attract a playful kitten, but which may turn out unpleasant – common objects like rubber bands, cotton buds, little batteries, hair grips and so on and then there are…

…the things your toddler plays with often has the same fascination for kittens and cats – they are small, fluffy, colourful, shiny, – toys that is, not kittens, although? – but they can be a further choking hazard. So keep small toys in a secure place away from prying paws.

christmascats-46. Holiday Hazards and Christmas Cat..astrophes

At Christmas time, if you have a decorated tree then keep your cat away from the tree water and keep an eye when they start to show an interest in baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads…da da da da

When opening presents keep in a dedicated place for disposal the wrapping, ribbons and any styrofoam, all of which can be a choking hazard. As can the chicken, turkey, duck bones so bung ’em in the bin.

On the 4th of July, 5th of November or any celebration day on which fireworks are featured be aware of where your cat is and how he is behaving.
Any celebration that involves confectionary like Easter and Valentines day keep his paws off the chocolate – oh and the flowers.

7. Cats and Cars

Apart from the bedroom, kitchen, living area and almost everywhere another place to be aware of is the garage and storage areas. Well our precious pet will find a way into any space. Cat’s are so bendy!
Keep all the cleaning materials as well as anti-freeze, de-icing fluids and garden related stuff like fertilizer, pesticides in places difficult for your cat to get at.

Come winter and like us, our kitty cat likes to find a cosy warm spot to get a decent nap. And if you’ve just come home from work with the car in the garage what a tempting cosy hideaway nook that looks, under the bonnet by the once purring engine.

A bang on the hood before starting the engine will give cats or whatever other animal that has chosen this as his new home, a chance of escape or at least make their presence known.

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