6 Important Things About Your Child’s Temper Tantrums

The Terrible Twos! What is it about temper tantrums around the age of 2?

girl is angryFor a child in this stage of development there is a major change occurring intellectually, socially, coordination-wise and emotionally.

Their language skill is developing, they are beginning to seek independence and becoming more able to understand and be curious by the world around them.

But they are also beginning to understand and not always like that there are boundaries and rules.

With all that going on there are some development features which are out of sync with each other so frustrations and emotional stress arise.

For a child to have temper tantrums from 12 months to the age of 4 is neither abnormal or a bad thing. In fact it can be seen as an important time for the toddler to be given the right instructions on how to handle stressful situations for later life.

Because that is what temper tantrums are – a manifestation of outpouring from the emotional part of the brain, that is well developed early on, as a survival asset acting as a warning to the parents that there is danger around.


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