5 Strange But True Facts About The Big “O”…

…that you probably didn’t know. Here are 5 strange and amusing facts about orgasm. We’ve classified it a PG 😉  They are related to both male and female. Don’t know if they might help in a normal relationship but maybe sharing with a partner would spark something. So let’s start off with one of our favorite stories that is very strange but true.

You don’t need genitals for sexual arousal

Like digestion or breathing, sexual arousal is the product of our autonomic system which means that we don’t consciously have any say in it.

woman tooth brush teeth white smileNaturally (or unnaturally some would say) the orgasm reflex can be triggered by genital or visual stimulation. Learned at an early age, it can also be brought about by a host of other stimuli.

Yes! you may have guessed it from the image above. There was a report of a woman who had an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth – after some detective work by a neurologist it was concluded that it was the complete complex motion of teeth brushing that caused this, some would say, happy outcome.

As it turned out, she decided that demons possessed her, gave up the pleasure of brushing her teeth and decided on mouthwash for oral hygiene.

Pregnant woman with doctor

Observations of In-Utero Masturbation…

…was the title of a paper that came from The Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and showed from actual moving ultrasound images what appeared clearly to be the act of unborn male masturbation taking place.

No doubt a proud father.


Dead people can have an orgasm!

It is possible to trigger in the precise spot on the spinal nerve with an electrode, the point which is the center for orgasm.

It’s been shown that you can stimulate a part of the spinal nerve to create responses in unfortunate people who are dead but are being kept alive artificially – that is their organs are kept oxygenated.

It would be perfectly feasible to stimulate the exact spot in a dead person and…but well it wouldn’t be much fun for him or her.

man about to kiss a womans neck

The “Upsuck” Theory

In the early 1900s, a lot of gynecologists believed that when a woman has an orgasm the contractions are there to suck the semen up through the cervix and deliver it efficiently to the egg, so increasing the odds of conception. It was called the “upsuck” theory.

Masters and Johnson well-known research pioneers into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s  They were “upsuck skeptics” and they decided that they would get to the bottom of it.

Sometime in the late 1950s they brought 5 women into the lab and fitted them out with cervical caps containing artificial semen†. In the artificial semen was a radio-opaque substance, so it would show up on an X-ray.

They masturbated in front of an X-ray device and Masters and Johnson looked to see if the semen was being sucked up – their skepticism was upheld.
†Recipe for artificial semen on request.

3d Human egg insemination

Men Being Men

There’s another way that orgasm might boost fertility. This one involves men. Sperm that sits around in the body for a week or more start to develop abnormalities that make them less effective at head-banging their way into the egg.

British sexologist Roy Levin has speculated that this is perhaps why men evolved to be such enthusiastic and frequent masturbators. He said, “If I keep tossing myself off I get fresh sperm being made.”

Which is an interesting idea and theory. So now there is an evolutionary excuse.

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