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5 Strange But True Facts About The Big “O”…

…that you probably didn’t know. Here are 5 strange and amusing facts about orgasm. We’ve classified it a PG 😉  They are related to both male and female. Don’t know if they might help in a normal relationship but maybe sharing with a partner would spark something. So lets start off with one of our favorite stories that is very strange but true.

You don’t need genitals for sexual arousal
Like digestion or breathing, sexual arousal is the product of our autonomic system which means that we don’t consciously have any say in it, although of course the orgasm reflex can be triggered by genital stimulation which is obviously learnt at an early age – see next slide – but can also be brought about by a host of other stimuli.

Yes! you may have guessed it from the image. There was a report of a woman who had an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth – after some detective work by a neurologist it was concluded that it was the complete complex motion of teeth brushing that caused this, some would say, happy outcome. As it turned out she decided she was possessed by demons, gave up the “joy of perfect teeth” and decided on mouthwash for oral hygiene.



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